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" Thank you for a simply breathtaking website!"

Louise, Cradley Nursery

" We can't thank you enough, fantastic work guys!"

Happy Nursery Team

" Your skills are remarkable, the pupils adore their new website "

Three Kings Primary School

Why Choose Us?

A * School and Nursery websites without the associated price tag

We don’t just want you to be happy with the end result, we want you to be ecstatic!

Our perfect mix of web development experience, direct school involvement teamed with a positive working environment, guarantees results that will make you the envy of other school websites.

All of this, with a content management system that is a breeze to utilise, meaning more time to dedicate to other educational areas. Whilst we don’t envisage you will encounter any problems, we are there to support you. Whether via our ticketed CMS support service or talking to a member of our team on the telephone, we never want you to feel like a fish out of water.

Our clients recommend us because we exceed expectations whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Bespoke Designs

Make your school or nursery website as individual as the children it serves

There is nothing standard about anything we do.

Each and every website our designers work on is built with your school or nursery in mind. If that wasn’t the case, our business simply wouldn’t exist. Rest assured that we’re not happy until you are. Our websites are a true labour of love so we will continue working on them until you are completely satisfied.

We guarantee to give you a site that will attract visitors, not detract.

bespoke school and nursery website designs
unrivalled school content management system

Easy to Use

A School website that is as pleasing on the inside as it is on the outside

There is little point having the best looking website on the block if it is hard to maintain or lets you down.

Our team includes a user experience specialist who has experience of ensuring that the website design meets both the users’ aesthetic expectations and matches the systems being used. In other words, we will always build a website that will be easily incorporated into your existing system, ensuring at the same time that it is easy for you to maintain.

And we won’t abandon you once you’re up and running. Not only do we offer a full and comprehensive support package, but we also make sure you receive full system training, so you are confident in updating and adding content.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is what makes us special

In today’s world of technology on the go, there is little point having a fantastic looking website if it can only be viewed on your home or work computer.

So when we design your school or nursery website, we ensure the result is fully optimised so it will work on mobile phones and tablets.

It is thought processes like these that keep our clients the happiest in the business.

Responsive school and nursery websites
Guaranteed high quality school and nursery websites


We believe in quality – a quality product, quality staff and a quality customer experience from start to finish

We don’t take using the word quality lightly. But it sums up what we do very well indeed.

Our work will always meet, if not exceed, Designmyschool.co.uk’s own quality standards, we use certified software testers to help us identify and resolve any bugs.

By always working in this manner, we know that the product we deliver will meet, if not exceed, your own quality standards too.

Hosted in the cloud

Every Cloud has a silver lining

Cloud computing is the latest buzz in web server technology and rightly so.

With 99.9% uptime and guaranteed daily data back-ups, we knew that Cloud Hosting was not only the perfect choice for our team, but more importantly the best product for you and your school or nursery.

School websites hosted in the cloud
school website innovation


We are at the forefront of Education Provider Website Technology

We don’t intend to ever rest on our laurels.

We take steps to ensure we are always up to date with not only with the very latest website innovations, but also all the latest trends in the education sector.

It is this attention to detail that we believe makes us stand head and shoulders above our competitors.

Keeping you satisfied

Client satisfaction is our number one priority

We are only happy if you are happy, so all we do is with that in mind.

And we don’t close the door on you once the initial project is complete. If you find something that you would like refined, or have plans for further integration projects, we will be delighted to assist. When you hire us, you become part of our team, and we want you to feel that we are there to help at any time. In fact, we love the fact that our clients do keep in touch with us as it shows we are doing things right.

We always welcome feedback, and see it as a way to progress.

school web satfisfaction
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