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Frequently asked Questions

I already have a website. Why do I need a new one?

Maintaining an online presence is vital in creating a school community where people want to be involved. We not only make a website that people will want to visit, but one that you will find easy to maintain, leaving you more time for other tasks..

What is a content management system?

A Content Management System provides you as the user, full control of your school or nursery website. We offer a wide range of functionality via our CMS as well as being able to change the design.

Will my new website be fully accessible?

We pride ourselves on ensuring our websites can be used by the whole community, so all our sites can be used by those with visual impairments as a standard feature.

Do you provide support?

Absolutely! We have created a ticketed support service as well as being happy to talk things through on the phone during office hours. And this is not an extra; it is just part of what we do.

If I delete a page in error can it be restored?

We take a backup copy of your website every day, ensuring that all previous content is available should anything happen.

Will you provide a guide to how to use the system?

We can provide full training, we are justly proud of our easy to use systems, and we know you will find them a pleasure to use. But should you encounter any difficulties, however small, we welcome the opportunity to help. Our ticketed system makes obtaining answers quick and easy.

What is bespoke design?

We design a site just for you. Forget standard templates, we build your website from scratch.

Can I use my existing school or nursery domain?

Of course! And in case any delays occur whilst things transfer over, we can also register another domain name for you so your site can be up and running without delay.

What happens if we don’t need our website any more

We can’t see you will ever want to leave us, but we only ever ask you to commit to 2 years at a time. If after this period you need to move, we will provide you with an HTML copy of your website.

Can I see a demo before I commit to purchasing this system for my school or nursery?

We are delighted to offer full demonstration versions upon request, enabling you to see just why other schools love to use us.

How much does it cost?

We always aim to give you the best product at the best price. See our prices page for full details.

Do you provide a email service?

As the vast majority of schools have an email system provided by their Local Authority, it isn’t necessary for us to offer this facility at this time.

However, we would be delighted to assist nurseries in setting up an email service.

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