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We are very much in the age of the internet, with the ability to research just about anything we need to online. It has become almost automatic behaviour for us to browse on our laptops, tablets and mobile devices as a first point of call in our quest for specific information.

And when it comes to resourcing a nursery, parents are highly likely to turn to the internet as an initial research tool. As such, the appearance of your website is of utmost importance.

Just as walking past a shop window and being attracted by an item of clothing with a mere glimpse, that first view of your nursery’s website is of the utmost importance. We make judgements about people within 1/10th of a second on meeting them, but when it comes to websites, it is even quicker, coming in at 1/20th of a second. This means that having a website that truly sums up the ethos and vibe of your nursery is extremely important.

Whilst it is important to get across to parents that your nursery is very serious when it comes to its responsibilities towards the children in its care, it is also important that the website conveys that the child will be happy there, thrive, learn and have fun. A good splash of colour gives the message that your nursery is very creative and will ensure that hands on fun is very much part of the everyday routine. Examples of what you do give the parent real information and mean that they have a good idea of what you do before they visit. The more positive information you give on the website, the easier the sell when it comes to them experiencing your nursery surroundings first hand.

The decision for a parent to trust their most beloved possession to someone else is a big one, and parents need to feel that their child will be as safe with you as when at home under your own care. As such, it is good to give details of any associations you are affiliated with and links to government inspections. Honesty and transparency at this initial stage make the groundings for a successful and mutually beneficial relationship. A child can be under your care for around 4 years if you get it right, so start as you mean to go on.

Your nursery website may be a selling tool which only adults access, but always remember that you are in the business of children. Parents want to see a site that is child friendly, as this gives the impression that the children always come first. Make sure the information you give is clear, informative and concise, setting out your core standards and values in a way that is easy for parents to digest.

Once your website is up and running, make sure you keep your information current. It can a real turn off for parents to find outdated information. If you have dates on the website, make sure they show that you have made the effort to keep things fresh. By choosing an easy to run website from a dedicated school website provider, this shouldn’t be a worry.


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